“We are due for inspection. Can your Titan Flooring system bring my cooler, kitchen or freezer back up to code?”
Yes! Our Titan flooring system will not only bring your old floors back up to health department code, but often they will be better than new. Our retrofitted flooring projects outperform brand new traditional tile and concrete, with less cost and wear over time. We do this with little to no downtime for your business. When installed in new construction, you will lengthen the life of your flooring, and avoid costly repairs and lost points on inspections in the future.

“Do you offer a warranty on your retrofit Titan flooring?”
Our warranty is the best in the business, and even beats those on brand new construction. We stand behind our floors. We offer a 5 Year Warranty on retrofit flooring, A 5 Year Warranty on new construction kitchen installation, A 10 year Warranty on new cooler/freezer boxes

“Do you have installers in my city?”
Yes. Our Titan Flooring is only installed through our Certified Installers. Our flooring is available anywhere in the United States and in the Caribbean Islands.

“I run an eco-friendly business. What makes Titan a ‘Green Floor’?”
Our Titan Flooring is made with 75% Post Industrial Commercial Recycled content. Installing our flooring also allows for increased energy efficiency, durability and reliability to the unit thus increasing cost effectiveness and lowering overall energy usage.